Piconizer  App

Piconizer helps you backup all your photo on i-Device and manage effortlessly of your photos & videos.

Back up in a smart way 

To backup simply, we offer multiple ways to do it. You can one-click backup, or back-up by selecting a year, month or date. 

During backup, Piconizer™ app will detect photos and videos in your i-device and only backup files which have not been backed up already on your Piconizer™.



Selecting photos and videos to make new albums for your pets, kids and traveling.

Automatically categorize

Browse photos by year, month and day.  Simply view thousands photos on your i-Device.

Watch high quality video anytime

Piconizer™ support exFAT format which allows you to backup videos over 4GB. 

You can take 4K HIGH QUALITY video with i-Device without restraint and backup to Piconizer™. No need to worry about running out of space.

View photos without the Piconizer™ accessory

While backing-up, we make another small image formatted copy of your photos in our App. This allows you to view and share photos on social media without the Piconizer™ accessory.