Have you ever stumbled upon a magnificent view, or experience an unforgettable moment that makes you reach for your iPhone (or iPad) to snap a photo or video, only to realize that it is out of storage space? 

This has become a common problem as our iPhones become overwhelmed with all the digital memories that are too precious to be deleted. This is the reason we created Piconizer™. 

See the video below for a quick overview (1 min. 46 sec.) of the Piconizer™, specifically designed and Apple-certified for i-devices (such as the iPhones and iPads) with the newer and faster lightning connectors.

Piconizer™ is the world's first-ever application and corresponding iOS digital accessory that allows you to easily and securely offload your photos and videos from your i-device camera roll library onto a pocket-sized storage medium via its lightning connector. This innovative storage accessory also includes a microUSB port so you can easily download your photos and videos onto your computer later. Use the free (and easy-to-use) Piconizer™ app to organize and sort through photos and videos while easily making room on your i-device for new memories. 

All without having to invest in a new Apple i-device for the needed additional storage. Welcome to the world of Piconizer™ from Maktar® Inc.

How it works




Going through the process of getting certified by Apple was not an easy journey. Apple reviews every MFi-certified product using the same standard as their own. In order to achieve the high standards of Apple, our engineers really pushed the Piconizer™ to the next level. Perseverance and innovation, the spirit of every Apple product, was the foundation in every Piconizer™. 


Light and Portable

Piconizer™ is 5.4 mm x 53.1mm x 28.0 mm in dimensions. It weighs less than 10 grams. Piconizer™ is ideal for travelers, road warriors and those who love to take pictures and videos with an i-device such as the iPhone or iPad. It easily fits in your pocket, and it is so light you would not notice it was there.



Like any other Apple product, ease of use was a priority when designing Piconizer™. All you really need to do is connect the Piconizer™ to your Apple i-device (with a lightning connector) and our free app will walk you through the steps to transfer photos and videos.


No Need for THE Internet

There is no need for a connection to the Internet when using the Piconizer™. It is connected to your iOS device through Apple's lightning connector.



We understand your concern with security, and that is why we allow you to optionally require a password every time you access the photos and videos inside the Piconizer™.


Transferring Files to A Mac OR a PC

Piconizer™ can do more than you know. It is really easy to export pictures and videos from the Piconizer™ to a Mac or PC through required software.



Some people prefer videos over pictures to capture their life. Piconizer™ not only allows you to store pictures and videos, it also supports multiple formats when it comes to playing videos.


Storage Information

You can easily access the current storage status through our Piconizer™ app. Instead of showing how much storage is left in your iOS device and Piconizer™, our storage chart provides a better visual representation of your actual storage.


Sometimes Less Means More

Instead of using a file management user interface (which has lots of unnecessary features), Piconizer™' focuses on the most important files: pictures and videos; thereby providing you a better user experience.


Automatically Backup a Best Resolution File in Your Phone

Piconizer™ automatically backs up a best resolution version of your files in your iPhone when you import pictures and videos to the Piconizer™ accessory. Unlike the original file, which is about 12 million pixels in size, the best resolution file takes only a fraction. You can transfer your original file to Piconizer while still having the best resolution file in your phone that can be used for Facebook or Instagram.


How does it compare to other options





Q: How does Piconizer™ work?

A: Piconizer™ works with its own App on the iOS devices. When you connect Piconizer™ to your iPhones or iPads, the system should auto request to download the App from the Apple App store.

If nothing happens, please go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/piconizer/id896539408?mt=8 to download.




Q: Which Apple devices does Piconizer™ support?

A: iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, 6S & iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus - iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 - iPod touch (5th Generation)


Q: Which iOS version does Piconizer™ require?

A: iOS 8.0 and later.


Q: How does it free space on my iPhone?

A: Apps, iTunes Music and photos stored in the camera roll are the most space consuming items. We offload your photos and videos from your iOS device to the Piconizer™ accessory.  Consider Piconizer™ to be an extension of your photo and video storage.


Q: Does Piconizer work with my iPhone 4s?

A: No. Piconizer™ is compatible with all Apple products that contain the Lightning Connector. This includes the iPhone 5 and later models, and the 4th generation iPad, as well as later models of iPads.  


Q: What about iCloud? Why can I not just use that? 

A: iCloud is Internet dependent. If you are on the go with no access to Wi-Fi, you will not be able to save any of your old photos or videos to make room for new ones. 


Q: Can I access my photos and videos on a computer later?

A: Yes, you can. On the bottom of Piconizer, there’s a microUSB port that you can plug into your computer. 


Q: How do I share my photos directly to Facebook or Twitter?

A: When you have these social media apps installed on your phone, they should automatically appear when using "sharing" feature.


Q: What photo/video formats does Piconizer™ support?

A: Piconizer™ supports all formats that were taken by iPhone/iPad.


Q: Can I share Piconizer with others?

A: Yes. When you use Piconizer™ on other i-devices, it will detect the new device and create a new folder for it. You can always add a passcode to your folder to secure your data.


Q: Do I need a software to view my Piconizer™ on the computer?

A: Yes. For security reasons, we designed the Piconizer™ in a way that cannot be viewed directly on a computer. 

For more information, please go to DOWNLOADS


Q: Is there a privacy option on Piconizer™ so only I can see my photos/videos?

A: Yes. In our App setting, click on "passcode" to setup your password.